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Kathy's Artistry

Where creativity rules!

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Living in the Sonoran desert, the beautiful colors of the foliage and total environment inspire me to create works of various subjects. I work in pastel, watercolor, and acrylics. Also, I have created individually designed and painted mannequins. Years ago, I worked in oils. A lull occurred due to work, family and time just went by. In the last few years, since I have moved to Arizona from New Jersey, I have jumped back in using a  variety of mediums  and totally enjoy creating pieces as requested or to sell a favorite piece. I have more recently produced abstract pieces on fairly large canvases. I grew up and lived in New Jersey for over 50 years and currently live in Cave Creek, AZ and love it! I, of course, own several parrots!

Most of the work shown is done in sizes ranging from 12 x 14- 20 x 20 for pastels, on sanded Art paper, and for paints, on canvas, some gallery wrapped in larger sizes. Thank you for visiting my site.


Scarlet Macaw, pastel, 16 X 20, on velvet paper,  matted, framed, $350. + shipping.

Monarch-orange, acrylics, 16 x 20, canvas,  $300 + shipping.

Cardinal, in acrylics, 8 x 10, canvas, $90. + shipping

FLOATING: This turtle was seen in Hawaii a few inches from the surface fo the water. 16 x 20, in pastel, matted and framed. $300.

Monarch, in acrylics, 16 x 20, $ 300, same size as above shown, + shipping.

30 Heavy, acrylic 4' x 3.5 ', gallery wrapped;  $600. + shipping,  ready to hang

Directions, acrylic, 4' x 3.5 ', gallery wrapped; $ 600. + shipping, ready to hang

Christmas ornaments, pastel, 16 X 20, on velvet pastel paper, $150, free shipping.

Lotus, 8 x 10, pastel, velvet paper, $130, + shipping.

Flamingo: pastels, matted and framed (not shown); 16 x 20., $100. + shipping.

Cityscape in acrylic, 23.5 x 23.5, glory canvas, no need for frame-blue color on outside of frame; $360. Free shipping.

2020, abstract, acrylics on 20 x 20 wrapped canvas, $350. + shipping.

Turtle, 16 x 24, pastels, framed and matted, $300. + shipping.

Pussy Cat, in pastels, 16 x 20, not framed, $200. Sold.

Children-not for sale-sold

Butterfly, pastels on velour paper, matted and framed to accent painting, 12 x 10, $200, free shipping.

Blue ocean in pastels, with matting and framed to accent, free shipping, $180.

Whale mom & Baby, pastels, 10 x 14, $150. free shipping.

Tears, Rose with dew drops, 20 x 14, wrapped gallery canvas, $350. + shipping.

Full size, 6 ft mannequin super woman, hand painted in geometrics, with photos of Monroe, Bette Davis, and Marvel hero women, embellishments added around photos, Coated in polyurethane,  $1,800. +shipping.

Birdies on the Wire, in pastels, 12 x 14, $130, free shipping.

Owl, in pastel, 20 x 14, this one sold, but can replicate. $300. Sold.

Cardinal in snow, pastels, 10 x 14, $150. free shipping

Zen, in pastels, 16 x 20, framed to accent, free shipping, $200.

Seal on ice, in pastels, 12 x 14, $200. free shipping.

Mannequin Head, red head! in acrylics with jewelry. Beautiful. $300, + shipping.

Watercolor, Birches, matted, framed, 14 x 12, $200. +shipping.

Fennel and Tomatoes, in pastel, 10 x 12, $130, free shipping.

Evening Lady, 22" high, $400. + shipping.

Winter, pastel, 12 x 10, $90., free shipping.

Crying Eye, 10 x 12, charcoal, $80. sold.

NYC in Watercolor, 12 x 14, not framed., $100. Free shipping.

Coco Channel Lady Mannequin, 5 .4 ft tall, on glass stand. great art object for any room., $ 600. Sold.

Candles: applies to both pieces: cream color and blue candles, each 10 x 12, not framed, $80. each. done in pastels. free shipping.

Reflections; 24 x 16, acrylics on wrapped canvas, epoxy/resin top coat, photo can't display its beauty; sold, $350.

Mangos,  in Pastel, 16 x 14, matted and framed, white, $300. + shipping.

My Piggy, in pastel, 12 x 14, $180.  free shipping.

In Honor of Billie Holiday, mannequin head, 18" high, $200 +shipping. 



Email if interested in specifics. Desertartbykathy@gmail.com


Let me know what you think of my pieces and if you have any questions. Thank you for your interest!